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Sunday, October 31, 2010

So it's official-

I'm overbooked this week! I'm sitting here figuring out my schedule for this week and realized that I'm going to be very busy and very sorry that I didn't take the opportunity to vote early.

Let's see; Monday is an afternoon of driving cars to the auction followed by a 6PM meeting at church that I am leading. In the morning I need to make a run to a bicycle store for some parts that I need to reassemble a bike.

Tuesday I have to drive cars all day- maybe I'll skip the afternoon shift, then I need to find time to vote and another 7PM meeting at church. If I don't skip out of driving at lunch time, making it to Ogden to vote before making the meeting will be tricky.

Wednesday I'm meeting Kenny & Jim for breakfast and some shooting time at Impact Guns in the morning. Then there's a spousal unit Dr. appointment in SLC later in the afternoon and perhaps a customer for Ogden Clear Headlights though he may have to be put off until Thursday. I'm also supposed to meet the seller of a beautiful Kawasaki KZ650 down in Clearfield. If I can figure out a waya to swing it and the bike is as nice as it appeared in the pictures, I really want to buy it.

Maybe I can focus on some car headlight work on Thursday & Friday... Or just sleep in a little bit!

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